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  1. ( of 70 )  Subject: Website testimonial
    Dear Ray, I was so excited to find your website! I love all the information I found. For years, I have kept a somewhat low profile as a liberal democrat. Even my mother when she was alive taught me to vote democrat but register republican so no one would know my political affiliation. Even my father who is a very conservative republican doesn't want the rest of our family to know that I am a democrat. I find it all very comical. When I tell people that I am a democrat or more accurately, a liberal, they believe that I cannot also be a Christian! I have been a liberal since I was 17 in high school because I simply believed that the democratic party does more to help people than the republican party. Please add me to your email list. I look forward to updates. I will also probably print some of the pages to use for discussion or to defend my point of view.
    Thank you.

  2. ( of 70 )  Subject:Wow!
          "I just want to say thank you for taking the time to create this web site. I grew up in the Lutheran church and studied religion through private Lutheran schools my entire childhood. In choosing politics, I've always said I am going to choose the politicians who are doing things to help people. I remember being taught not to trust blindly. Read your Bible, learn it for yourself, and you'll know without a doubt if your church and/or politican follows Christs teachings.
          For me, your website and everything I've read so far is so on target and it's amazing! It puts into words so many feelings, thoughts, and perspectives, that until now, I was unable to express.Thank you!
          I think most of all, I've gained a new perspective on my own life. I've struggled for years trying to figure out why the church doesn't fit me anymore. You've given me new hope to find what I am seeking. I love how you've included bible passages, explanations, and reminders about how we are supposed to live. I hope many many more find your site and take the time to embrace it. Thank you and God bless you, and all who have helped you, for making a difference!"
    Cari W.


Recognition for Ray by the Yale University community) 

  1. ( of 70 )  Subject: It feels better not to be standing alone
          "Praise God! I thought for years that I was one of the very few who saw the truth as you do. I even wallowed in condemnation for YEARS because of all the liberal-bashing imposed by conservatives who have hijacked the Christian faith as a vehicle for their own self-serving purposes (namely, to worship the false god of Mammon pursuant to worldly wealth and prominence through Mammon's man-made religion, capitalism). But I always knew that my beliefs were right, and I have no idea where conservatives have led themselves to believe that Jesus is an American Republican. They hang their entire belief system on a single issue - abortion. But I know the real truth about that - they just USE the abortion issue to strike fear into the hearts of their congregations by warning them that if they vote for the liberal pro-choice candidate, they will surely go to hell. That way, the capitalists who are in collusion with their cronies, the conservative Christians, hold onto their power to oppress another day. ("God's not an American. He's not even a Republican." - Keith Green)  It feels better not to be standing alone on this issue, even though Daniel wasn't alone in the lion's den."

  2. ( of 70 )  Subject: an answer to my belief system
          "Thank you so much for this site! I prayed to God this morning for an answer to my belief system and I got on the computer and was lead directly to your site. I believe God is working through you. I believe I have my answer. I see no manipulation of scripture but the words of Christ as I have come to know them through my study of the bible.
          I work with the Democratic party. I am very liberal but that doesn't mean I agree with everything my party does. But I vote with my heart and conscious (conscience) and I believe the Democratic party values are closer to the teachings of Christ and any other party. Thank you so much for your site! I feel at peace now.
          I have noticed that people within my own (Pentecostal) church how I am treated. Some of the things that have been said to me in the name of God have been disturbing. I have a really hard time when these people of Christ condemn me for following Christ and his true word. I have a hard time when these people follow Sarah Palin and people like Glen Beck and Limbaugh that spew hate and lies. I have a hard time when my pastor talks about tithing 10% of my income and I am on a fixed income yet the pastors at my church take constant expensive vacations... I could go on and on.
          As a web developer I don't find the design of the site attractive but the message is great. That is what I came here for. I understand you are a man of God, not a professional developer."
    Y F

  3. ( of 70 )  Subject: great website!
          "I thoroughly admired this website exposing the hypocrisy and evil inherent in our organized religious institutions.  It says all the things I've always known and felt but in such an organized manner.  This actually serves Christ's mission more than the churches have.  I'm amazed at the thoroughness, the forcefulness and the absolute ring of truth.
          This message should be put out there more broadly, but how?  Television (media control and lack of sponsorship)?  I really don't know how, but the message rang loud and clear to me:   Jesus Christ wouldn't even recognize the church as it is today.. .
          I bless your efforts, and if I can be of further assistance, I have much to say, but you've already said much of it so well! "
    Bill (working on a Master of Humanities degree, in Central Indiana)

  4. ( of 70 )  Subject:Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,

          "I've just now discovered your website.  I'm nearly overcome with happiness at what's here.  I've browsed through many of the pages (but not nearly enough), and through some of the testimonials I find that I can only echo what's already been said.  Your work here is a thing of beauty.  I very much wish it were in book form that could be held, treasured, and bought in multiples to be shared around.  Is it?  Maybe I'll find that out when I continue exploring.
          Of course, I have too many books already, but I keep hoping to find the one you've got here potentially.
          In the dark days and months leading up to September 11, and certainly since, it has often seemed to me that there is a tremendous need for a grass-roots spiritual movement to arise from such a liberal "religious" perspective to take back the nightmare of conservative "Christian" dogma and tyranny.
          That's all I can say at the moment.  I'm too stirred up at the moment to be able to be very coherent.  An ocean is churning inside my head, but I feel a huge desire to explore all the nooks and crannies of your site, so I must get busy doing so.
          Thank you so much for your work.  This is truly splendid."
    - Laurie H., West Coast

  5. ( of 70 )  Subject:Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
          " I cannot tell you how much your website has changed my life in the past two days.   I just read the testimonials site, and unlike most of those people, the ideas were new to me.  I cannot believe that I thought it was right to not care about the poor and sick.
          After finding your site, I read the Gospel with new eyes only to find that what I have been thinking was not from Jesus.  . . .  Your website has been like a punch in the stomach that knocked my breath out, one that I needed!  I now realize why chasing a big business job and acquiring possessions were not panning out for me.  In the past two days, I think about Jesus's teaching all the time and have found so many ways to help my family, friends, and others in need that I would have overlooked for less important endeavors.
          This will be a bit challenging, since I was once in College Republicans and have shaken George W. Bush's hand!  I really didn't realize the indifference to helping those who are in need that the G.O.P.  represents. . .  I now realize how our priorities are messed up.  Can you believe how much value America puts on fashion, cars, plastic surgery, etc.  when only 1 out of every 100 people in the world have a computer!  I am guilty of it too, but I am changing."
    - Leanne   ( a young adult in Illinois )

  6. ( of 70 )  Subject:some thoughts:
            "I must admit, despite some blogging and message boarding, I have done far too little as a priest to stand up to conservatives and the spine-less imps who preach a mantra of "tolerance,tolerance" in face of the continuing conservative onslaught against our freedoms.
          As of today, that all changes. I will, before God as my witness, renew my priesthood in a concerted effort to work harder for the marginalized and to give a more forceful voice against religious and political conservativism. I want to thank you again, Ray, for being such a persistent and engaging source of information and, thus shared power, for the people of God."
    The Rev.Thomas Gilbert

  7. ( of 70 )  Subject: G.O.P.  Corruption page
    " Hi Ray,
          Just want to thank you for this site.
          I am a Mississippi native "Christian" who is immersed in the radically conservative, Christian Coalition led, Focus on the Family brainwashed, Bible Belt.  I have (for years) been asking the same questions you ask (and answer, in many cases).
          As a "Christian" (which, honestly, I try not to use the name anymore since it has become tainted by these Judeo-Christian believers) I cannot see what they "see" in Scriptures.  How is it that this country is so blinded? I don't look at myself as Dem or Rep (hell, I have voted for both).
          I actually became so pissed at the process one year I voted for that pipsqueak (Ross Perot) over Bush and Dukakis (quickly coming to my senses and voting for Clinton the next term).
          Anyway, I love this site.  Very good information. Thanks again ! "
    Ray B (northeast Mississippi)

  8. ( of 70 )  Subject: THANK YOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!
    Dear Ray,
          "I only discovered your website a couple hours ago and have been reading non-stop, and will continue to do so.  I just wanted to express my utter and sincere gratitude to you for having the guts, compassion, and intelligence for putting up such an outstanding website in the face of so much opposition.  It is so wonderful to finally find a place that identifies just about every single one of my core ideals and beliefs and more for me to learn!
          It is a horrible thing to think you are completely alone, when just about everyone around you, and then the majority of your own country on top of that, accept and practice truly cruel and unjust deeds.  .  I have been saying for most of my short life (I'm only 18) that love is the answer, that Jesus never said a single word about hatred or greed, unless it was in opposition to it.  But there are so few that believe that love is the true way, the only way this world can ever be fixed.  Regardless of religion, ethnicity, sex, age, etc., love is the only way we can unify and make this sad world a wonderful place.
          I am going to tell every one of my friends about your website, and furthermore, all those I stand in opposition to.  I don't know how many people I can help see that love is the true answer, but maybe your website will help me in doing that.
          Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.
    S. K. (in Georgia)

  9. ( of 70 )  Subject: Religious Menu
    "Ray, a warm hello to you!
          I am over-joyed happening upon your website.  A minister, I have been deeply disheartened and given pause by the proliferation of hate, oppression and injustice that we are seeing today.  I more often than not now times, find myself on the same playing field - asking the same tough questions many who seek counsel ask.  I feel led to Liberals Like Christ.  I am finding hope for my concerns, peace in place of frustration, and I feel rejuvinated in spirit and strength.  Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the uplifting and ministry-saving context of your much needed, sought-after message of truth and inspiration derived from LLC's material.
          Your steadfast and ardent committment to making your web pages virtually available to all seekers of truth and light is equally inspiring and appreciated.  In the words of my favorite prayer : "Thank You, God" !
          Cordially In Christ,"
    John  ( a Dr. of Divinity and Pastoral Counselor in Tenn. )

  10. ( of 70 )  Subject: JesusNoRepublican.Org site
          " Thank you so much for this site. I grew up in a scary Amway/Reagan/Fundamentalist household, and I stayed away from the church for a long time. Last Easter, I converted to Catholicism, because I thought Catholics escaped the evil and hypocrisy that so defines the Fundamentalist movement. To my shock and disgust, I heard of bishops telling Catholics that they would be committing a mortal sin by voting for John Kerry, a devout Catholic. Someone sneaked poorly-printed, misspelled Pro-Bush propaganda into my church the Sunday before Black Tuesday.
          I had almost lost hope that there were any Christians out there who actually follow Christ's teachings. I finally feel a little less alone
          Thank you." Elaina C.

  11. ( of 70 )  Dear Ray
          "Thanks so very much for this site. I am a Christian and was always a Liberal in my thinking. Due to the brainwashing & manipulation of many televangelists & men of the cloth in the pulpit......I was once a conservative right wing Republican but never again. I learned much from your site & it was very supportive & what was always in my heart (even as a young girl) you have on your site. I feel I could write volumes but it is a waste of time & energy except to read about how the right wing highjacked the Christians and the conservatives is very interesting reading
          The bottom line - manipulation is very wrong & twisting the words of the Bible and Jesus of course are as well
          I bookmarked your site & put it in my favorites. I sent it to a Christian friend in CO & he emailed me back warning about secular sites from the left wing......
          Keep up the good work - I honestly would send a donation but my spouse and I are mid to late 40's & out of work so until we get on our feet we are not able to donate to anything except for our time which we have done for Move On and the Kerry Campaign for this election
          God Bless You & Thanks so much for your site - I learned & will continue to re-read all the info."
    E. S.

  12. ( of 70 )  Subject: re: Call no man 'father'
          "Ray, I have viewed your site a number of times and thought I'd say Hi and great site.  I was raised in the Empire*Church, a 'Grand Knight of the Altar', 'Bishop's Accolade', and other crap.
          As a teen, my father was assigned to the embasy in Madrid.  a trip to Rome showed me the disgusting hoard of wealth and booty in the Vatican and i was "allowed" to bend and kiss the ring of Pope John the 23d.
          Three years of living under the Catholic fascist dictator Franco, and learning of his Catholic buddies, Adolf and too many dictators to list, and visits to sick and demented churches like 'Valle de los Caidos', a burial monument to death under fascists, I told my parents on my 18th birthday, after my return to the U.S.A., 'I am not a Catholic ! ! ! !'
          I now am always amazed at the free ride the Empire*Church gets.  Like this morning, I called a liberal talk show that had complained about the "evangelicals" on the right and the three stooges ( Dobson, Robertson, Falwell ) and suggested they consider who is getting the power in America these days.  All four Bush appointments are Roman Catholics, they will have five with Alito, unless Sen. Salazar (RC) decides to filibuster.
          The liberals will blast the evangelicals over and over, but when I suggested they look at the Catholics, the host said he would not attack the Catholics; many good Democrats are Catholic ! I told him that I lived in a country where the Catholics took over both partys and the courts and installed a dictator. with control of the U.S. Supreme Court, when Congress passes an unconstitutional law.........who ya gonna call ? ? It took 40 years for Spain to take control from the Church. for awhile. I hope this country will come to its senses before it's too late.Keep up the needed work."
          Gary (owner of 2 Masters degrees)

  13. ( of 70 )  Subject: LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
    Dear Ray,
          "I happened upon LiberalsLikeChrist.org today through a series of links, through articles and blogs on the web.  I'm certain you must be swamped with messages from relieved and vexed humans every day, but, to add to the cacophany, I wanted to say thank you.
          From the heart of a very agnostic American woman this thanks comes.  Your site is infomative, balanced, and brimming with such compassionate reason that I actually wept.  I was brought up strictly Lutheran, and have been struggling my entire life with the contrasts between the beautiful, peaceful ideologies I was taught and the burning hatreds I always overheard and sensed throughout the church community.  Your words bring me great joy and relief.  I am humbled in knowing that there are people still left who live well, who are ethical and who find the peace and true meaning in Christ's teachings.  You are a comfort and geat source of inspiration to many, I am certain.  May your words continue to reach out to those who are lost, aching and searching for signs that their God still lives and loves and cares for them.
          Again, thank you for what you are doing and for what you have already done.
    L. D.  (30 y.o.  single parent, industrial buyer, advocate for reason - southern Indiana)

  14. ( of 70 )  Subject: Re: Abortion_2 page
          "This web site is fabulous - a real find and a great help with these issues!  Thanks so much for all the obvious time and attention that you have put into this.
          I'm sending a link right now to my pro-life girlfriend, who to her credit will NOT be voting Republican this year!  But I'm sending it anyway.  She's a devout Episcopalian and I'm sure she'll be surprised at the dearth of Biblical back-up for her postiion.
          I'm also sending a link for your site to my brother-in-law in Ohio, who thinks that liberals take money out of his pockets to help undeserving people who don't have the character to help themselves!
          Again, thanks for your contributions to this liberal-conservative issue -
          Proud to be a Liberal."
    [ An attorney in Virginia ]

  15. ( of 70 )  Subject: re: PaulvsAll.html page
          "I am glad that I discovered your website.  It has only been a few yrs. since I believed that I was the only person in the entire world who had misgivings regarding the man known as Paul.  Once I got on the internet, however, I found that I was not alone.
          Because of my feelings regarding the teachings of the man known as Paul, I left the mainline Protestant church of which I had been a lifelong member.  On one occasion I attempted to discuss my feelings with a minister but it quickly became clear that this minister believed I was dead wrong.  Soon afterward, I left the church and have no intention of ever returning
          Jesus stressed caring for the oppressed, the weak, those in need, etc.  He wanted his followers to love each other and stated that the one who was greatest would be the humble servant of all.  He demonstrated this by washing the feet of His disciples.  There is nothing humble about Paul.  In fact, to me he comes across as arrogant and intolerant of others.  I know that Jesus would not have chosen such an individual to represent Him.  However, the so-called fundamentalists believe that Paul does represent Jesus, and their numbers seem to be growing by leaps and bounds.  In conclusion, I am happy to learn that I am not alone in my thinking.  I feel very close to Jesus and I know that He has guided me and protected me during my lifetime.
          I am a 75 yr. old female and know for certain that I have experienced on several occasions what could only be described as divine miraculous intervention on my behalf.  As one hymn is entitled, "His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."
          Thank you for this website.  It helps to know that there are others who feel as I do."
    Elaine, (a retired Bookkeeper & former Presbyterian from Texas)

  16. ( of 70 )  "I am so glad that I came across your site. My father is a devout Southern Baptist who unfortunately is easily mislead by hateful propaganda spewed forth by organizations like the Christian Coalition and Focus on the Family. He keeps forwarding me articles from their newsletters and I spend a lot of time doing research from books like "People's History of America" (Howard Zinn), "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them" (Al Franken), "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" (Greg Palast), and websites like Salon.com, CommonDreams.org, TruthOut.org, etc to write rebuttals. Unfortunately, I am not as well versed in Bible study as you are, so I've never been able to use Biblical arguments against their fundamentalist drivel -- but you've just provided me with an amazing resource! Thank you so much! I wish that more Christians were like you, and not Pat Robertson, or our so-called "President"
          I greatly admire your thoughtfulness, compassion, and courage in these difficult times
    Victor (San Francisco, CA)

  17. ( of 70 )  Dear Ray,
          " You responded to my post on the History Channel board concerning Jesus being a liberal, to which I accepted your invitation to peruse your site. I was overwhelmed and impressed--I had been looking for such a good site to extol the virtues of liberalism and to corroborate the notion that modern liberalism, as forged by the likes of Voltaire and Thomas Jefferson and continued in the work of Henry David Thoreau, Leo Tolstoy, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, is directly descended from the Gospels. Concerning Jesus being a liberal and a socialist, I truly thank the serendipitous find of your site in backing up the things I have said all along.
          As an historian living in a conservative country, I seek to extol the virtues of liberalism as the shining beacon of reform throughout the world that it is. Despite the popular game of attacking liberals on every front, and despite the failure of liberal leadership over the last decade to continue the cause in the UK and US, I think the essence of liberalism--of seeking solutions to the problems of the world based on seeing humanity as a whole, foregoing traditional biases for the sake of reason and empathy, and using the resources of the world to benefit ALL of God's children and not just the ones who can manipulate politics and economics to their advantage--is still the only way to pull humanity out of the doldrums of nationalism, terrorism, xenophobia, slavery, and poverty. Despite the perceived lack of liberal political leadership in the US and the venom of modern conservatives, it is imperative to remember that free will through an educated synthesis of the words of Jesus is the key to understanding the great movements of freedom throughout the world throughout the last three centuries. As I said, I seek to explore this through the eyes of an historian. If you have such essays at your disposal, I would love to peruse them. If not, I would love to write them for you.
          Please let me know. Sincerely, "
    Russell J. Woods

  18. ( of 70 )  Subject: Draft of a Constitutional Amendment to Defend Biblical Marriage
    Hi, Ray
          " You don't need to tell me about Liberals Like Christ because I've not only already discovered your web site and admired it, but I've referred others to it. I was raised a "hard-shelled" Baptist and Republican. However, as I got old enough to think for myself, I kept questioning my parents about the conflicts between Republicanism and what our church taught about Jesus' love and forgiveness, as well as his "liberal" attitudes toward helping others, and the problems of wealth presented in the Bible. (Today I'm neither Baptist nor Republican, but I am an active church member at a much more liberal church and I'm an independent (unenrolled) voter who leans Left most of the time.) The discovery of your web site was so extremely satisfying because it concisely and intelligently says so many of the things I've thought for many years. I truly appreciate the good work you've done
          I hadn't heard of the JesusNoRepublican.org web site, though, so I'll have to check it out."

  19. ( of 70 )  Subject: It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO heartening to find this group and the Liberals Like Christ website.
          "In the early 80s I became born again and joined a church that went right along with the Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell conservative Christian agenda. I totally bought into it. I was completely pig ignorant of what was going on in the world except what I was told in church. I remember a particularly cringe-inducing comment I made during the Bush/Dukakis election... my friend said, "I think we need a Democrat in the White House." I said, "Dukakis is a card carrying member of the ACLU." Totally bought that because I'd heard Bush say it. And of course thought the ACLU was bad because I'd been told that. I thought homosexuality was a horrible sin even though I had friends who were gay and I knew damn well they didn't "choose" to be that way
          My God I was an idiot. A few years later, as my marriage became so bad I started seriously questioning which was a worse sin, divorce or suicide, it was down to those two choices. Luckily instead I started thinking critically about the whole conservative Christian reality tunnel. One cathartic moment I was standing around with a bunch of women at a church social gathering and I used the word "shit" in a sentence. They looked at me with disgust and one said, "I don't think that's language befitting a Christian woman." I thought, good Lord, these women are the f-n' Stepford Wives
          I noticed that they seemed to be concerned about right wing politics, old testament laws and what Paul said much more than they were interested in what Jesus said. I remember that bit from Acts where God strikes down the two people who keep some of their money for themselves and wondered how that fit into our sanctification of capitalism. And most of all I started wondering, who is this Paul who says he speaks for God? And what is this Bible, written thousands of years before and dozens of years after Christ and put together hundreds of years after Christ by people who's agenda I don't know about. I started seeing that the the whole christian reality tunnel used this book to promote their own non-christian ideals, and deadened it by turning it into an idol. Plus you thrown in the whole "America is God's favorite" crap and the whole thing is an absolute steaming pile of, well, shit
          So I left the church and stopped believing the Bible was the word of God around 1990. I started reading Eastern philosophy. I really like Alan Watts, who explained more reasoned, enlightened, and loving ways to interpret christianity. But deep inside there's always the nagging, "what if I'm wrong and I'm just being fooled by the devil?" I still have that nagging feeling, and I've searched it honestly, and I don't think it's Satan but left over brainwashing
          Now I found this wonderful website that has shown me I'm not the only person who thinks a Christian has to fall in line with James Dobson's believe system (b.s.) And it's wonderful! I prayed to Christ last night for the first time in years. I don't know if anything happens to us after we die, so I don't know if Christ is alive in any literal sense or only in our hearts, but it was great talking to an old friend after such a long estrangement
          So here's where I am now... I don't believe in the old testament. That's a bunch of stupid laws and fairy stories with some possible historical accuracies here and there. I don't believe Paul spoke for God. I think only Jesus spoke for God. His ideas were so radical for his time, he HAD to speak for God because he wasn't getting it from what he was taught (unless, as some claim, he did travel to the Orient and learn eastern mysticism). And I think the words of Christ maybe needed a vehicle as ugly as christianity to travel through time in. If Paul hadn't taken it upon himself to be the new Jesus, I don't know if the gospels would be with us today and Jesus' works may have been lost
          Is there anyone out there who can relate to this? "

  20. ( of 70 )  Subject: Ray's Bio.  Page
         "Hi Brother Ray,
          Thank you for your website!!  It's so nice to know there are others out there that have the same view of the teachings of Christ.  Your writings will help me explain to others what I have been claiming all along - and why I cannot and will not support the Republican "religious right".  I find nothing of Christ's teachings in what most Christians blindly follow - especially the arguments on abortion, (which most people I know use as the only reason they vote), and so many of the man-made tenants of Christian followings.
          I also feel FDR was one of the greatest men of our time - my great-grandparents knew him through Father Coughlin and were very big supporters - of course it got a bit sticky when FDR and Coughlin parted company.
          Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts.
    Wendy, 38, wife, mother and recovering pro-Choice Michigan Republican.

    P. S.  I've shared your website with several of my friends who considered themselves no longer Christian because they could not relate with what the definition of "Christian" is in these days.  It has brought them back to feeling good that they do in fact follow Christ.  And, I know for a fact that many of them are living examples of Christ's teachings."

  21. ( of 70 )  . . . "God bless you for spelling it out and making it available so that we might pass this on to others who are so blinded by the Religious Radical Right wingnuts. While they will not listen to us, they just might be curious enough to do a little reading. I find it unbelievable how entrenched they are in the lies and deceit of this bunch of people. I believe it was Pope Pius XII who said, "The clergy is a sty of pigs." I think he would say the same thing in today's society. And especially of those of the Religious Radical Right wingnuts. They remind me of the words of Pastor Martin NiemÕller. Can anyone state it more succinctly! Again, my gratitude to you. I am thankful I found this site and am eager to email it to a long list of people, many of whom I know will also pass it along to many others."

  22. ( of 70 )  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Dear Ray,
          " I have to say that, as someone who was raised evangelical Christian but is agnostic now, Ray's site is about the only interpretation of the New Testament that would have a chance of bringing me back into the fold.
          Ray, your astute and perceptive critiques of the way the religious right has hijacked Christianity are dead-spot-on.  I recommend your site to anyone who has an interest in Chrisitianity and politics.
          You also answered a question for me a while back in a very detailed e-mail.  Not many people would do that for a stranger.  Keep up the great work! "
    - Dave,  Cleveland, Ohio

  23. ( of 70 )  Dear Ray
          "I have read through your site and I must say that it's wonderful. . .  I have been in church all of my life and have always felt the same way.  I have asked myself many times, "why do these people hate everyone who is not like them?"
          I go to a United Pentecostal Church, so I have worshipped with some of the most conservative people in christianity. . .
          I'm really tired of "christians" hating everyone who is not exactly like them.  I feel they must love them with the love of Christ, and allow Christ to do the convicting.  Your site will be a valuable tool for opening the minds of my christian friends."
    - Matt G. from Evansville, IN

  24. ( of 70 ) 

    Dear Ray,
          "I was raised Presbyterian, and finally, when I was 22 I decided that, if I was to be a true Christian, I should follow the teachings of Jesus. I took the Bible the church had given me at confirmation, which was a King James red-letter edition, and read all the words attributed to Jesus in a couple of days. What I found, stood me on my head… the church didn't follow his teaching at all. The minister was later fired for having sexual affairs with more than half a dozen wives from the congregation, which only confirmed my conclusions. The last I knew of him, he was divorced and selling 'life insurance' for one of the big companies. I could go on, but I won't
          Needless to say, I agree with your basic premise on the website and have abandoned the official churches as a source of being Christian
          Very truly yours"
    J. Anderson

  25. ( of 70 ) Subject: War vs. Peace page
          "I have been against the war in Iraq and against the actions of the Bush administration from the beginning.  I've been told by Conservative Christians that I should support George Bush because he is the President.  His actions and policies are totally against all I believe in.  I can not believe that God would make someone like George Bush a leader to conquer others and push us into war under false pretenses.
          During the 90's I lived in Houston, TX and watched as Bush become Governor and took over.  I feared his power as he took over the state and I wondered why I saw things to fear when others couldn't.  I hoped I was wrong.  I still believe I was right.  I was shocked how the people of my church seemed to worship him.  It bothered me to be so out-of-step, but I could not believe in this ignorant, bullyish leader.
          Today I prayed for assurance, and as I meditated I realized that there had to be other Christians like me out there somewhere and then I looked on the internet and found this website.  God guided me and answered my prayer.  I praise him, I thank Him for this and ask Him to bless and guide others with this knowledge.  Thank you,"
    Sally B.  Cleveland, Ohio

  26. ( of 70 )  Subject: a suggestion:
          "Put some of this on the page where you cite the Beatitudes.
          The late biblical scholar George Lamas, a native Aramaic speaker, in his "Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Transcripts" A. J. Homan Company, 1933, translates the phrase directly from the Syriac Aramaic bible (the Bible of the Church of the East, also known as the Peshitta) of his childhood as "Blessed are the humble."
          Your website is amazing!!! I love it and have sent the link to a few of my religious friends. Unfortunately, many of the people in my own religion (Mormon Church) are conservative. So, I am on a personal mission to spread the message of liberalism and how Jesus Christ was the greatest progressive leader the world has ever known! Your website makes my mission easier. THANK YOU!"

  27. ( of 70 )  Hi Ray,
          " My name is Rob G. I am 34, and a Liberal Democrat living in Logan, Utah. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). As I am sure you are aware, I am an extreme rarity in my part of the world. Actually, now that I think about it, I am a rarity in my family. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I thank God that there are people like you and Alan Colmes who are not afraid to stand up for the truth
          Thank you for all the hard work that you put into your site. I am happy to see that Liberals have stopped letting Conservatives make uncontested lay-ups against them
          Also, I did have a question for you. I haven't been able to find an answer on your site yet. I just found the site today, and have quite a bit to catch up on. I was curious as to whether or not you felt that there are issues that Jesus Christ was a Conservative on? Or maybe another way of saying it, are there any Liberal views held by Christ that are shared by the Conservatives? And if so, what are these issues? I look forward to hearing your opinion on these things.
          Thanks again for all you do."
    Rob G.

  28. ( of 70 )  Subject : "Liberals Like Christ"
          " I spent my childhood in a public school system that was run by Fundamentalists.  I was stuffed to the gills with Bible study and Jesus.
          The trouble was that the Fundamentalist version of Jesus is sick, hateful, and just plain mean.  The more people are into that Jesus, the more sick, hateful, and mean they become.  I now have no belief at all in the supernatural myself (although my wife is interested in Buddhism), and I call myself a Humanist, the fundamentalists having driven any ability to believe in god out of me.
          The ethic of kindness and compassion that the real Jesus taught is what matters.  What the Christian Right has done is more evil than I can express.
          Thanks a lot.  Peace to you and all who seek to live in peace and kindness."
    L. K,  ( Nashville, TN )

  29. ( of 70 )  Subject : Ray's Liberal credentials

    Revolutionary Ray      "The Rev. ("Rayosun") has been a hero to all of us in the progressive movement.  He has stood for the religious community should stand for: Tolerance, Justice and Humanity.  Rayosun has emphasized that Christians should be liberal if they are following the message of Jesus.  In fact on Ray's website, there is a even a place for liberals who aren't Christian.
          Ray has always been a hero to me, especially since his story from the 1996 campaign.  Ray went to a Jack Kemp rally in Connecticut, and snuck in with a Clinton-Gore sign.  At the end of the rally (when the RWers are all relishing the thought of Dole's 15% tax cut),  Ray all of the sudden jumped up, held the 2 sided sign up over his head and chanted at the top of his lungs: "Clinton & Gore are going to beat Dole & Kemp by 15%, 15%, 15% !!!!"   He was almost arrested, but instead got his picture on the front page of the paper being dragged out by two cops with the sign clearly visible and legible over his head (including the "Call 1-800-for-Bill" phone #)."

  30. ( of 70 )  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
          " I'm the gay atheist Republican (who was ousted from the DemocraticUndergound.com forum for pushing conservative views there).  I just wanted to say:  I completely agree with the entire theme of your Web site and posts!   Ayn Rand had it right:  Christ was a socialist.  I hope to "God" conservative Christians never figure that out.  (as that will cost my Republican Party dearly!)
          But there's no point for us to enter into a debate.  -- You are more strongly at war with my values, with your emphasis on Christian egalitarianism than are run-of-the-mill liberals.  You are against all my hopes and dreams for a freer society, and for my own business to succeed."
    David B.

          (a clarification by webmaster, Ray D : Despite all the disagreements this Conservative, Republican, and atheist has with me, he can say  "I completely agree with the entire theme of your Web site and posts", which I take to mean that Ayn Rand and David share my view that Jesus Christ was a very Liberal teacher -- perhaps even a "socialist" . --)

  31. )  I just found your website today and am very glad that something like this is out on the web.  Thank you so much for making it.
          I'm currently working for the United Methodist Church's General Board of Global Ministries as a short-term social justice missionary.  Through the program which is much like Americorp, I'm working at (a University) as Social Justice Coordinator in the campus ministry program.  I tell ya, I'm really sick of the Christian Right which seems to have the dominant Christian voice these days.  I'm very scared that the true spirit and teachings of Jesus is quickly being lost and forgotten.
          Thanks again for the website, I've forwarded it to all my friends."
    - Adam B., (the state of Washington ).

  32. ( of 70 )  Bro Ray,
          " I have informed about 40 different sites about your site.  I have heard back from about 6 thanking me for the information and about 4 telling me they will get it up.  One is a college Democratic site and one was a big women's democratic site.  This is in just 2 days and I hope that there will be even more positive responses.
          I have sent the site to about 23 individual friends.  About half have already looked at it and found it informative and useful.  I hope that all of this is okay and that I have not crossed any boundaries by asking to have others to link to your site."
          In Christ,
    - R, in Houston, Texas

  33. ( of 70 )  Subject: Christlike page
          " I was so glad to find this site.  I was almost a full fledged atheist until I arrived here.  I had become so annoyed by the hypocrisy of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, Jerry Falwell, local preachers and the like, I decided that if that was what Heaven was about I wanted no part of it.
          Now I can see that the bible is really being hijacked by these jack-booted thugs who call themselves Christians, rather than thinking that this is God's chosen messengers.  I see from them that they have twisted the bible to mean that being rich is great, being poor is to be lazy, and that God is a conservative who will throw all Liberals in Hell.
          Thank you for reminding me what the Bible really says, as I had only heard the conservative version for so long.
    - Doug, from Missouri

  34. ( of 70 )  Subject: Liberals Like Christ
    Hello Ray,
          " I am from the UK.  Finding this site is a huge relief. I have been a Christian for ten years, I have escaped the Fundie Church called "Elim", here in the UK.  " I then went to a more liberal Baptist church, but was always an outsider.  Though I was active in both churches, I have struggled hard to reconcile my left of centre, Liberal heart to the right wing.  I just can't do it.  I have not been to a church for two years, I have been depressed, confused and upset.
          I am British, however politically a natural Democrat.  The political climate is different here, abortion is not a political issue, the death penalty abolished.  However people love Bush in the UK too.
          He scares me, the world situation scares me.  I have kept my eye on the situation in the USA, I have become really distressed at the prospect that Bush,Ashcroft and the right wing are God's people, that this is his chosen leader that represents him.  This mind set almost made me turn away for God altogether.
          This site has been like Manna from Heaven, truly.  It makes so much sense.  So many of the things that upset me are taken from the Letters of Paul.  Jesus had a very different message.  His heart must break at the pain caused in his name in both the US and the UK."
          Jenny  ( United Kingdom )

  35. ( of 70 )  Subject: "Liberals Like Christ"
          I just discovered your web site last night and can not begin to describe to you how I felt.  It was as if I had been breathing stale, oxygen depleted air for many years and had finally reached fresh air that I could gulp.  My husband and I have struggled for some time with feeling that we were the only Christians who saw the relationship between politics and our faith differently than the main stream.  I recently said to him that one of two things must hold true, either we were missing the point or the majority of the Christian church in America was deceived.  (I must admit that while the first possibility is more personal, the latter is of greater concern.)
          My purpose in writing to you is to simply say, "Thank you," and to encourage you in your efforts.  I am referring your site to several people that I know will appreciate what you are saying.  I am also praying about sending it to many others whom I believe would struggle against conviction.  It is better to be convicted than condemned, though, isn't it?
    W. G.

  36. ( of 70 )  Subject: Thank you for your website
    Dear Ray:
          " Words cannot express how much I appreciate your website.  My mind reels at the amount of love and effort that went into it.  It is truly a work of art.
          Last night was one of the blackest nights of my life, in an already terrible year.  A third of my colleagues at work were laid off, and it looks like it might be happening to me soon as well.  My wife was already unemployed for several months this year, and we are heavily in debt.
          My troubles pale in comparison, however, with the many others in this nation who have also lost their jobs with NO resources to fall back on, while an uncaring government continues to handout billion dollar gifts to the wealthy campaign contributors who laid these poor people off.  Plus the fact that thousands of Americans were killed by terrorists.  Plus the fact that we are now engaged in a devastating, unwinnable "war on terror".  Plus the fact that we are now also being sent death in the mail.  Plus the fact that we are all being led down this dark path by an unelected dolt who was placed into office illegally and in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  Things are just absolutely crazy.
          Last night I sat in my office on the verge of tears.  I prayed to God that I would see some avenue out of my despair, because from where I was sitting, there didn't seem to be any hope at all.  I logged onto one of my favorite websites, The Smirking Chimp, and saw someone had posted a link to your site.  I checked it out.  I probed around a little bit.  It was like someone (and I can imagine Who) had reached His hand down and pulled me up.  This is the Jesus I believe in, the one who has always spoken so clearly to me from the scriptures.  This is the Jesus of compassion and understanding, the protector of the downtrodden, the warrior for the underdog.  This is the Jesus who receives his phenomenal strength from its Ultimate Source, God's Love.
          This is NOT the Jesus of the Christian Coalition.  He's not even the Jesus preached in most churches today, which is why my wife and I have not set foot in one in months, if not years.  I don't know what's going to happen to this country.  This beautiful land was started by some of the most brilliant men that ever lived, as a daring and controversial experiment in freedom and democracy.  Over the last 30, 40, or 50 years, we've watched those principles be systematically dismantled by the rich and powerful institutions who crave nothing more than more money and power, and who fear nothing more than they fear rule by the people.  I don't what's going to happen to this beautiful country, but since NONE of our leaders seem to want to fight what's happening, and since most of the public still seems to be content with beer and circuses, it's probably not going to end well.  Maybe in an international court like in Nuremberg. More likely in a radioactive haze.  No, I still don't have much hope, but I have a little.  And I have this: a vision of how life should be lived, with real love and liberal compassion, given to us 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ.  Maybe when things get bad enough, we will finally listen to Him, and that's when evil will finally be defeated.
          In the meantime, thanks to your website, I at least know I'm not alone.  Thank you so much,"
    C J (in New Mexico)

  37. ( of 70 )  "I can't stop crying.  I thought I was the only one who believed the way you do, I was raised a Baptist in the Bible belt, and I've stopped going to church more times than I can count because I couldn't reconcile the differences I saw in being "Christ-like" and being a Christian.  I read John 4 over and over again about the woman at the well.  Jesus transcended racial, sexist, moralist taboos to tell her, "I have something you need."  That's my Jesus.  That's my Savior.  That is the person I've dedicated my life to following.  May God richly bless you for filling such a need for everyone like me.  I'll visit your website again, just as soon as I can quit crying long enough to read it.
          Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

  38. ( of 70 )  Dear Mr. Dubuque,
          "Thank you for your website.  I am a Christian Liberal Democrat who has never been politically active, but because of the shock of the agenda of the Right-Wing Christian Republicans and Election 2000, I am now fully involved in my search to counteract their unfair propaganda.
          I am encouraged by people like yourself who have had similar experiences as myself.  I was born a Catholic, but I no longer attend the Catholic Church.  It has become politically Republican and spiritually questionable.  I am saddened by the feeling of loss from the community of the Catholic Church that was so much a part of my childhood, yet I have found comfort in the words of Jesus Christ - "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free".
          Your voice is so needed during this period in our history.  I feel that our Democracy and the integrity of Christianity are in jeopardy.  Using Christ for the sake of politics is an anathema in my opinion.  To do so spoils the purity and sacredness of personal religious experiences and re-directs it to an open forum in order to promote secular legislation.
          I am grateful that God has chosen you for the purpose of encouraging Liberal Democrats who are Christians.  My sadness comes when I think of how the Right-Wing has divided Christians and pitted them against each other.  Perhaps their purpose is to divide and conquer for the sake of politics.  I think that many genuine Christian believers who are Republicans are being blind-sighted.  However, I firmly do believe that truth shall be revealed and untruths shall be exposed in time.  God bless you,
    - S. R.,  ( a Louisiana Democrat )

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  1. ( of 70 )  Hi Ray !
          " How are you?  Congratulations on your website!  It just gets better and better every time I visit.
          To me, "Christian" means following the teachings of Jesus Christ.  There are precious few in this day and age who do that.  HE taught acceptance (not exclusion), forgiveness (not vengeance), kindness (not vindictiveness), generosity (not greed), gentleness (not hostility), love (not hate).  It is clear, therefore, that Judas Goats (intent on leading the flock astray) abound in these times.  It's wonderful to encounter those who emulate the ways of Christ, as opposed to those who hide behind his name to shield them as they perpetrate their acts of treachery.
          I'm so glad I ran into you out here in cyberland, Ray.  Keep it up!  Take care."

  2. ( of 70 )  "Thank you, thank you, thank you - you have made me so happy.  What I have always felt in my heart to be the real truth of Jesus is compassion!  Not the abject dismissal and bigotry against everyone who doesn't fit (Sen.) Trent Lott's definition of a "good Christian."  I have to speak honestly - the whole "Christian Coalition" makes me sick.  And furious.
          I have had a very, very hard time with this for a very long time.  It has come to a head with the election of this idiot Bush, and with horrifying information gained by reading the history of his family and their ties to the Nazis, etc.  For the first time in my life, I am truly afraid.  But I feel much better after having found your web site.  To finish the story . . .  I found your web site after a few hours spent reading typical "Christian" sites in an attempt to find something that rang true to me.  I finally put my head in my hands and just cried.  I then asked, "I am so confused - please, I just want to know the truth!"
          I tried finding a book I once heard about entitled, "Jesus and Other Liberals" - I couldn't find the book, but I found your site instead.  And I hooted with joy after reading only a few lines.  Thank you, thank you.  Whenever I know I have gotten something straight from the source, I have this little involuntary laugh that comes up from deep inside - that happened when I read your site.
          I want more.  Where are you located?  Are there groups scattered around the country that adhere to these true things?  I am in NH.  Tell me where I can find others.  Please.  Thank you!
          Blessings!  Keep up the good work! "
    Laurie M.

  3. ( of 70 )  "Your site looks great!  It's always refreshing to know that I'm not the only person who defines him/herself as liberal AND Christian.
          Sadly, many people consider Christian and conservative one in the same.  The conservatives have made "Liberal" a dirty word and liberals have not defended it.  And as "liberal" lost its glory, "conservative" gained a glory it doesn't deserve.  A friend of mine, who calls himself a conservative, can't explain--and is probably completely unaware of--the "values" embraced by the conservative faction.
          I often feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, trying to explain that liberal and Christian are not mutually exclusive.  Maybe this discussion will clear up some of the myths about the liberal position and bring it back into the mainstream.
    Jeanne N.

  4. ( of 70 )  Subject : Re: A message FOR ALL SEASONS :
          "I am not so religious, because of those false christians who only worry how to make one more buck on expense of hard working people.
          Yes I am aware that Jesus was always ready to help people in need, to give them a new hope and new light, to take coat of his back in cold night and give to someone else who needed, and on the end to give his earthly life for all of us.
          Unfortunately Republicans and their lieutenants like Pat Robertson only worry to fill up their pockets with dirty money in name of God.  shame.  They will burn in hell forever.
          ...........GO DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The next set of commentaries come from the "Evaluation Form" that these visitors filled out on the site:
  1. ( of 70 )  From : MychiTim
    To : Ray Dubuque <Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org

    from Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
          Content : "I hold the Same views as what you have articulated so well on this web site.  I think that this should be mass produced and read by more Americans.  I would love to help get this message out.  Be it by cash donation or my time."
          Christian : I'm non-denominational.  I believe in Christ.  I grew up as a Pentecostal.
          Leaning : Progressive, if Progressive means the rights of people regardless of their race, religion or Sex.

  2. ( of 70 )  Subject: an Evaluation form submission:
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 4- very attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Christian-other = M.Div. Chicago Theological Seminary 1973
    Ordained as an American Baptist minister
    Never had a church, because I knew from Kierkegaard that I could never stand the necessary compromises
    Instead have practiced law (another lion's den) for some 36 years
    Leaning = Very Liberal
    Party-other = My politics these days is slightly to the left of Che
    Time spent = several days
    Content-other = This web site is an oasis in the desert. Years ago, after seminary and law school, I tried to do something similar by writing a new account of Jesus, much the same Jesus I encounter here. I just republished my little book on the Kindle. The title is Life of Truth, in case you want to take a peek. THANK YOU for your passion and honesty, for being a courageous voice of faith and reason in the wilderness of narcissism and almost unbelievable greed. May God continue to bless your work.
  3. ( of 70 ) an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Search Engine
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 4- very attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Christian-other = I lived in Northwest Indiana for two years. It was a repugnant existence. Everyone was holier than thou down there, and everything was falling apart around them. It was miserable, and no one cared. That's Christianity in Indiana.
    Leaning = Very Liberal
    Party-other = Conservatism is theft. It is poison to the middle class, and ultimately democracy. It must be stopped.
    Time spent = less than an hour
    Content-other = I love the ideas presented in the website because they absolutely reflect what I believe.
    Style-other = The site is designed in such a way that it is easy to get to everything that you wish to look up on it.

  4. ( of 70 ) an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Other
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 3- generally attractive
    Christian = Other ( I will clarify below: )
    Leaning = Fairly Liberal
    Party-other = as a young man born into an ultra conservative christian family, i began to question many of the things i was taught, and discovered that a large part of the doctrine did not in any way seem to be
    God's rules, but mans. i am now 63, and am seen by my peers as quite liberal, but am still attending church at a local pentecostal house, and still do music there. i am a preacher's kid, and so is my wife, so we are at odds with lots of the family, although both my parents have passed. i voted for obama, am glad i did, and get most of my news from msnbc. can't stand faux news. won't read sara palin's Book to Nowhere, and will continue to vote mostly democratic.
    Time spent = less than an hour

  5. ( of 70 ) an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Other
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 3- generally attractive
    Christian = Other ( I will clarify below: )
    Leaning = Fairly Liberal
    Party-other = as a young man born into an ultra conservative christian family, i began to question many of the things i was taught, and discovered that a large part of the doctrine did not in any way seem to be God's rules, but mans. i am now 63, and am seen by my peers as quite liberal, but am still attending church at a local pentecostal house, and still do music there. i am a preacher's kid, and so is my wife, so we are at odds with lots of the family, although both my parents have passed. i voted for obama, am glad i did, and get most of my news from msnbc. can't stand faux news. won't read sara palin's Book to Nowhere, and will continue to vote mostly democratic.
    Time spent = less than an hour

  6. ( of 70 ) an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Link from a discussion board
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 4- very attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Christian-other = I was raised Catholic, but joined a protestant church and got baptized. I find myself drawn to some of the teachings and practices of Catholicism, because I cannot relate to the politics and hate of most protestant churches.
    Leaning = Moderate
    Party-other = I used to be a Rush Limbaugh "hater." I voted for republicans for 10 years. My eyes were finally opened and now I CANNOT vote for a republican. I am registered with the democratic party. I tell my conservative friends that there are social liberals who are republicans, but are wealthy and vote for their pocket books. I also tell them that there are socially conservative democrats who believe in helping the poor and disenfranchiesed, which lately tends to cover more of the U.S. population.

  7. ( of 70 ) an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Link from a discussion board
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 4- very attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Christian-other = I was raised Catholic, but joined a protestant church and got baptized. I find myself drawn to some of the teachings and practices of Catholicism, because I cannot relate to the politics and hate of most protestant churches.
    Leaning = Moderate
    Party-other = I used to be a Rush Limbaugh "hater." I voted for republicans for 10 years. My eyes were finally opened and now I CANNOT vote for a republican. I am registered with the democratic party. I tell my conservative friends that there are social liberals who are republicans, but are wealthy and vote for their pocket books. I also tell them that there are socially conservative democrats who believe in helping the poor and disenfranchiesed, which lately tends to cover more of the U.S. population.
    Content-other = I find this site and documented ideals to be an important resource.

  8. ( of 70 ) an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Search Engine
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 3- generally attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Christian-other = Most churches are peopled with conservatives. Ministers hedge because they need the contributions od wealthy members.
    Leaning = Very Liberal
    Party-other = The Puritan union of capitalism and Calvinism has screwed up everything.
    Time spent = a few hours
    Content-other = I agree that Jesus is a liberal, somewhat to the left of socialists. I do not think a union of church and state is a good thing for either religion or the state. Whether Jesus would be a democrat is irrelevant. Everything we do is political.
  9. ( of 70 ) an Evaluation form submission:

    Sent by = Search Engine
    Content = 4- Outstanding
    Style = 4- very attractive
    Christian = Liberal Protestant
    Leaning = Moderate
    Party-other = Republican all my life, except I voted for Obama, and can't stand the way Conservatives mouth the Christian concepts without following them in practice. Conservatives really are extremists, not Christians as they profess. I believe Conservatives will start next the World War, as they are ready to kill Muslims now.
    Time spent = a few hours

  10. ( of 70 )  from Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
    Content:  Not only outstanding, but, unlike a lot of liberal theology, expressed in plain language. Christian: Liberal Protestant  I wish liberals in politics would read this site. Even if we didn't have to answer to a fundamentalist wave in the U.S. presently, liberals need to know who their allies are, as you show so well that Christ is.
  11. ( of 70 )  from Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
          Thank you for your site. I certainly found a wealth of information to help "convert" my conservative christian mother.
    aunt . . . gmail.com
  12. ( of 70 )  Subject : Evaluation of Works and Faith web site.
          Content : "I was especially impressed by the Paul / Jesus or faith / works section, that is, this section is one of the best I've seen among the LiberalsLikeChrist.Org pages.  I also thought your discussion of abortion was good and more comprehensive than other similar pieces I have seen.
          Style: 4- very attractive
          Christian : Quaker -- the Friends General Conference, or Universalist, flavor of Quakers.
    Dear Ray,
          My Number One reaction to your LiberalsLikeChrist site: it is super!  Now, I don't know how you feel about the modern "historical Jesus" movement.  For me, reading books by Crossan and Borg liberated Jesus himself from the stuffy, constricted, ineffectual image that I had learned in the Lutheran church.  Regardless of your opinion on the literal veracity of the Gospels, I think we agree on the most important things about Jesus: that he was a revolutionary who demanded that his followers practice radical love for all their brothers & sisters (all fellow human beings).  We need to take back Jesus and Christianity from the phonies who have co-opted them, as you so effectively explain in your articles.  Thanks for your work."
    Will S.

  13. ( of 70 )      from Evaluation form of Liberals Like Christ site.
    Content : "Because I am blind, many Christians have tried to heal me instead of accepting me as I am.  They also say I don't have enough faith or I could see.  Jesus would not treat me this way.  God doesn't reject me but people do.  I can't even go to A Christian church anymore.  Too much exclusion/negativity.  I have right wing fundamentalist relatives and they're far too judgmental.  Hypocritical, too.  I was so excited when I found your site.  Someone who sounds reasonable?  Wow!  God bless you! "
    Christian: Liberal Protestant   "My husband and I are attending a Unitarian church now which is interesting but I still feel sad about feeling too uncomfortable in mainline Christian churches.  My husband and I didn't go to church at all for a while.  I seem to need to go and we like singing in choirs and participating in the services.  We're not very good pew-sitter/observers.  We like to be involved.  We'd like to find friends, too, but people seem too afraid of us.  They're friendly on Sunday but we're not a part of their lives or vice-versa the rest of the time like we see others do.  I don't think I am alone in this.  I think Christian churches are goofing big-time for most people who feel uncomfortable about the attitudes main-line Christianity has.  Some of us know better, but we're in such a minority that what can we do?  I know that throughout history, the more liberal Christians have gone away from the main-line but even in the year 2000, there isn't a place for some of us.  My husband and I were in Unity (based in Missouri) but they refused to let us be in front of the congregation saying we were displaying imperfection.  The school in Missouri wouldn't let me come down to study unless I had a companion or dog and they weren't willing to put info in braille, on tape or computer disk so that I would have access to it, even though they have a braille library for answering prayer requests and allowing blind persons to borrow their books.  A couple refused to give my daughter and me a ride when I was a single parent because they felt that if I wasn't so negative, I'd have enough faith to be unblind and not be a burden on them.  I have never seen physical blindness to be that much of a problem.  I've done much of what most others have except where others have refused to give me opportunities.  I'm an intelligent, capable human, love cats dearly, and God has never treated me as if I were a loser like society tends to.  I spend a lot of time alone with my sweet kitties.  They don't care if I can see or not.  They know; it's just not a big deal to them.  They love me and trust me.  If humans would only do that, and they could.  I don't even like a lot of the words in traditional hymns either.  Many of them are negative and espouse that oldy-moldy set of attitudes.  Example, Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me.  Excuse me, I am not a wretch and neither is anyone I know.  In Unity they say, saved a soul like me.  That's much better.  The people in the Unitarian church we are now attending are interesting because they don't push people to believe a certain way.  Many of them are well-educated.  My husband and I both have Masters degrees.  Just recently, my daughter, (who will be 20 in March) has been reading Greek and Roman mythology in college.  She can't believe people really believed that stuff at one time.  Now her obvious question is whether the Bible isn't myth, too?  Much of what it says, if interpretted literally, doesn't make sense and portrays God weirdly, if not negatively.  I agree with you that Paul's portrayal of Jesus isn't at all what Jesus Himself said.  I told my daughter that as far as I know, the Greeks and Romans used their belief system to explain the unexplainable before scientific knowledge came along, and also used the stories to learn from in developing their value system.  I think the Bible can be helpful that way, too.  But I don't expect her to believe every word of it the way it was written and translated.  I sent info about your site to her.  I don't want to tell her what to think, but I want to give her choices that main-line Christianity doesn't give people without inviting them on terrible guilt trips.  And all that sin and shame stuff doesn't help our self-esteem either.  Sorry I'm rambling on so.  I feel like you might understand something of what I am saying and will not condemn me for saying what I think.  Thanks."
    Lauren M.

  14. ( of 70 ) 
    Content: Outstanding: I've been looking for a site like this forever.
    Christian: Liberal Protestant
    Leaning : Progressive
    Party : Liberal democrat
    Dear Ray,
          --" I am a writer and editor based in Ohio, and for awhile now, I have debated writing a book called "GOD is not spelled G.O.P. : Why You Can't be a Conservative Republican and a Christian at the Same Time."  Now I have stumbled across (or have been guided to) your web site, which contains about everything I wanted to say.  Have you ever tried to have your material published as a book?  If you never have, I'd like to organize your material into cohesive book form and try to get it published for you.  The message you are trying to convey here is so vital and so central to spiritually principled living, that it is crying for a wider audience.  I want to help make that happen if I can.  I have no profit motive in this.  The word simply must be heard.
    Mark K.

  15. ( of 70 )  To : Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
    Subject : Re: The Character Issue & Moral HIGH Ground
    Dear RD,
          "Right on!".  The GOP only exists to make the rich richer and has adroitly manipulated the religious ground . . .  I don't think Gore has appropriately handled his replies and criticisms and has also deserted the President, whose morality I consider superior to that of most politicians (specifically the national and international ends he strives for). The GOP hates Clinton especially because he has adroitly stymied their Congressional majorities on so many issues.
          Keep fighting."
    David H. S.

  16. ( of 70 )  To : "Ray Dubuque"

          "Let me take a moment to say I love your concept & I continue to encourage those on my email distribution list to visit LiberalsLikeChrist.Org. 
          In a land where compassionate conservatives espouse moral ideals while telling the masses that Gary Graham had & used the full services of the TX justice system, it leaves you wondering why 'the system' ignored the $6000 that was found on Graham's alleged victim and his ties to the Drug Enforcement Agency.
          How can compassionate conservatives advocate transnational corporations that crush the livelihoods of local economies?
          Liberals who live as Jesus Lives is truly the opposite of compassionate conservatives who talk the talk but can't seem to walk the walk. I'm glad that LiberalsLikeChrist brings out the real issues."

  17. ( of 70 ) 
    To : Ray Dubuque , Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org
          " I'm not sure how I got on your email list, but I'm glad to be getting your stuff.
          I'm a mostly retired pastoral counselor, psychotherapist, organization development and management consultant.  I have been working with a group of clergy and lay religious leaders in Southwest Florida in an organization called, 'Religious Leaders Concerned, working for just wages and working conditions for migrant tomato field workers.  I have been accused being a 'liberal' for the last 50 years.  While I really don't like the terms, 'liberal' and 'conservative', I suppose they are the best available terms for lumping folks who share certain assumptions and beliefs about the world."
    R. Gray

  18. ( of 70 )  Subject : Thank You!  I'm Not Alone!
          "For so long, I have felt so alone because my ideas weren't accepted by those around me.  I refuse to go to an organized church (although I was raised in one) because what I was taught did not make sense to me, but I was told to believe what the church said.  I questioned that Jesus was a fair-skinned, blond, blue-eyed man when I knew that he could not have been so coming from the Middle East.  My minister was outraged at me and said I had to have faith in the church teaching.
          I do have faith in the spirituality and teaching of God and Jesus Christ, but not in any church.  I believe the Multiple Sclerosis I have is kept in remission by my relationship with God - not by any doctor.  It is so nice to read what you write, for although I may not believe everything, it is closer than what the Religious Right, fundamentalists, evangelicals, whatever they call themselves, emote.
          At the moment, I am against them and their organizations (I call them all "Right-to-Lifers") because they have denied all of us the fundamental and (I believe) Constitutional right to ask a doctor to assist our death when the need arises.  I just want that big shot of morphine to end my suffering and life when I deem it is the correct time for me to do so.  If I could do it myself, I most certainly would, but these "busybodies" have taken away that right for me in 49 states.  I do not wish to move to Oregon.  I do not wish to move to Amsterdam.  But, I might just have to do that."
    Vickie L.

  19. ( of 70 )  From : sugarcrisp

    To : Ray@LiberalsLikeChrist.Org

          " I haven't posted much to this list but finally got around to viewing Liberals Like Christ.org.  What a find!  I thought there were no true liberal Christians left until I found this site. Thank you for making a place where us left-of-center Christians have a voice.  Too often when I tell people I'm a Christian I'm met with "But you go to a church that embraces gays and lesbians, and they're everywhere: in the choir, on the elders and diaconate board, teaching the children, and (horrors!) preaching the Word in the pulpit".  Of course, my church has lost members as a direct result of such inclusiveness.  But I celebrate the rich diversity.  Every day I thank God for leading me to a loving and dynamic church family."

  20. ( of 70 )Rev. Ray,
          "Liberals Like Christ", has been an inspiration to us all for a long time.  I am so glad that you have the site up . . .  it is a real vindicator against the religious right. . .  You have been with us on every issue. . .  I have always appreciated your awareness to the hypocrisy being pushed by the "billionaires club" . . .
          I really like "How can any Christian be Conservative", has inspired clarity, to many who have found it, and your research has been essential information to we who are fighting against the siege of our democracy, and you are the best man that I have known to speak against the Bush Plan's hypocritical faith based initiative.
          Deepest Regards. Peace with Justice,"
    Les S.

  21. ( of 70 )  Dear Rev. Dubuque:
          " I thank you very much for your invitation to visit your website.  I can see that you have taken much time and effort to put together a very inspiring message. . .  I left the Methodist Church when I was 15, and really haven't looked back (my father was raised a devout Catholic also).  The hypocrisy and all the wolves-in-sheep's-clothing really turned me off at a young age!!  Not only that, but I really felt that calling myself a "Christian" alienated me from most of the world's population.  I refuse to believe that all those people in China and India, etc.  are going to hell because they call their supreme being by a different name!!  But, I have always considered myself to be a moral and kind person, and your words really are touching.  Don't ever give up what you are doing!  . . .  I did enjoy your site, and I will forward a link to some friends."
          Jennifer A.

  22. ( of 70 )      " I am delighted to find such an ethical, intelligent site in an age of the proliferation of religious intellectual hogwash and syrupy emotional "love" of Jesus.  Ironically, this "love" is seen as justification for hating your neighbor and promoting exclusion of anyone different or those Christians who have a more accepting version of Christianity.  There is often an arrogance that implies a certainty of "who will go to hell", who is truly "Christian", and a lazy literal interpretation of scripture that decontextualizes its overall message of love and spiritual evolution to a message of narrow mindedness and rejection."
    R. Watson

  23. ( of 70 )  ( of 70 ) 
    From : Roadwomen <roadway@roadwomen.com>')"
    Subject : Re: GOD isn't spelled G.O.  P. !
    Organization: Roadwomen
          "What a treat!  Thank you for taking the time to send your links!  I'll try to spread the word and put a link on our site.  Loved you in depth examination on abortion.  That must have taken forever to compile.  Any chance you have or will be doing one on the Bible/Jesus' attitude toward gays?
          Our monthly meeting last week had special speaker, Emily Lyons, the nurse who was blown up at the Birmingham clinic a couple of years ago.  Very powerful message.  Thanks for giving me an equally powerful website to go with it.
          Dalia Stokes
          President , River Oaks area Democratic Women

  24. ( of 70 ) 

    Yo, brother Ray
          "Thanks for turning me on to your site.  It was not only a pleasure to read and know I had found a brother, but it is a beautiful site also. . .
          As a unilaterally ecumenist, I try maybe too hard to not poke fun at the good doctors of theology (as if God would need one of their bandaids), but man I really enjoyed the collection and arrangement of scripture quotations and your highlighted insistent reminder that it was the Right who killed him.  This is truth and will eventually (when I work on the links page) get into my links.
          Good to meet you,"
    Bill D.

  25. ( of 70 )  Subject : WOW!
    Dear Brother Ray,
          " I really like your web site.  And, with all of your quotes, you have certainly made the case that Jesus was promising both personal and social liberation.
          In my opinion, the Right's emphasis on personal liberation ( I consider it selfish individualism) has lead them to see the world as hopelessly corrupt.  Because of their urge to separate themselves from the world, they don't look for solutions to problems.  And, because of temperament, they will reject even those solutions that are available to them.  They would often prefer to imagine a spiritual ( their idea of spiritual is just invisible -- which can be nothing but imagination--) battle, even where none exists.
          The Republicans claim that health care is not a problem in this country.  Yet, the UN ranks us as 37th in the world in terms of over all health care.
          The Republicans have proposed setting up Medical Savings Accounts.  Yet, in two test programs, their only true value was as tax-deferred savings plans for the well-to-do.  George W. Bush has rejected universal health care as an un-needed and unwelcome government intrusion.  According to him, ranking 37th in the world is not a problem if you are well insured.  So, of course, there is no need for a solution.
          However, the 17 countries that have universal care wouldn't give theirs up.  The costs for comparable care are about 80% of what we pay under our system, and families are not ruined by illness or debt because they were either uninsured or had a pre-existing condition.
          Back when cities used to be swept by cholera epidemics, we could have just waited while everyone learned the necessity of strict hygiene and got together the wherewithal to build a house in the country.  The survivors would be a very upstanding group today if we had done that. Instead, we built municipal water and sewer systems.  Maybe it was a decadent decision, but it's not every day that such a neat solution presents itself.
          The same pattern holds true in all of the issues.  They say that there is no environmental problem that won't be taken care of in the normal course of business.  It is also not a problem to us when another country breaks down into a genocidal civil war.  Both our Army, and the UN, feel that they have learned enough in the past ten years to do a good job. But, without a problem there is no need for a solution.
          On the other hand, maybe they know themselves well enough not to trust themselves with issues.  For, having studied the country thoroughly for the past four years, they have looked up to announce that what we really need are a trillion dollar tax cut for the rich, and the elimination of the estate tax, also for the rich.
          Al Gore knows the ways that government can make life good.  But, most of all, he is offering us the chance to make the most profound change in America since the Civil War.  With our help, he could pass campaign finance reform, and we wouldn't have to keep saying that institutionalized bribery was protected by free speech."
    Jim H.

  26. ( of 70 )  Aug. 23, 2000 "HI all,
          This site has me intrigued.  I find too many "Christians" are so busy telling me about saving my soul, who forget that there are lives here that need helping, that this site, and Ray himself, are both an extremely refreshing change.  I am one of the "heathens" who while not agreeing on the religion thing, still would like to show my support for Ray's site here.  Beautiful.  I wish that there were just one hundred more Rays out there, shining on the stresses and crimes that serve to put the rest of us down, and hurt, rather than help.  So enjoy, be safe, and keep this up guys.  You have a good thing going here, that needs to be heard and seen.  Peace,"
    Preston P.
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