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the Lyrics for this great folksong
written and sung by . . .

[ used with owner's approval ]

" One of the denominations, more perfect is than some.
The Hierarchy's domination well deserves its own song:

WHITE MEN IN BLACK DRESSES, be afraid of them all.
Their strengths will amaze you, when they're backed to a wall.
They're about in high places; many lives they command.
They have smiles on their faces and blood on their hands.

And they walk with the angels; and they talk to the sky.
For the sky it will tell them what is good, what is high.
And while continents falter in starvation and plague,
They report from the altar on the rights of a fertilized egg.

WHITE MEN IN BLACK DRESSES, some are sad some are gay.
Some forbid all protections, yet are considered quite safe.
But the truth is their habits have affected their brains.
It is known what is not used tends to wither away.

If you wish to avoid them, these white men in their gowns,
As they ride in the forests to the counties and towns,
They are said to have strange fears, superstitions and ways.
For the sight of a condom will keep ten at bay.

WHITE MEN IN BLACK DRESSES, be afraid of them all.
Their strength will astound you, when they're backed to a wall.
WHITE MEN IN BLACK DRESSES, from tax-exempt lands
Have the love of the presses and blood on their hands.

These white men in high places have blood on their hands."

and here's Lauren Maher performing
"I didn't come from your rib;
you came from my vagina! "

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