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"Magdalene Sisters"
Irish lasses made into slaves
by their "Holy Mother",
the Roman Catholic church.

One of the readers of our site brought a portion of recent Irish Catholic history to my attention that I had never heard a word about until now. This history is so shocking that I can't bring myself to write about it.  I know that defenders of the Catholic Church would use anything that I might write to accuse ME of bigotry and God knows what else.  So instead I simply urge anyone with an open mind to type the words "Magdalene Laundries" or "Magdalene Sisters" into their browser's search engine box (such as Google) and explore a few of the hundreds of links that come up.  Then, judge for yourself if a "Holy Mother" would treat her children as the Roman Catholic Church treated so many innocent young women, whose only crime – in some cases – was that they had charms that - God forbid! - were likely to attract the attention of "the opposite sex".


        Miramax produced another documentary film about this story in 2003, called "The Magdalene Sisters", which may well be available to rent.

The "Angels of Tuam", in Ireland

Although many adult women were misused in some Catholic institutions, the illigitimate children of those women, and other "bastard" children entrusted to the care of those institutions often suffered such poor care that they were dead and "buried" in no time. One such home was located in Tuam, operated by the Bon Secours (good rescue) nuns between 1915 and 1961. About 50 years after it closed, chambers were accidentally found with the randoms bones of many children in them. After a great deal of reseach by amateurs, questions were raised about over 700 children who died and were burried there like animals, with few if any records.

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